A number of scholarships and concessions are awarded annually to deserving students.

The following Scholarships are available:

 (a) National (Merit) Scholarship for students of Degree Classes whose Parents income per month is Rs.1000/- or less. Students applying for the scholarship should have obtained a First class of 60% of marks in the Higher Secondary or an equivalent examination and should come within the number allotted for each state in the order of merit.

 (b) National (Loan) Scholarship for students of Degree and Post Graduate Courses: Students should have passed the qualifying examination with at least 50% in aggregate. The annual income of the parent or guardian should not exceed Rs.25,000/-

(c) National Scholarship for children of school teachers (children of all working teachers of recognized Primary and Secondary School studying in degree classes).

(d) Physically Handicapped Scholarship for blind, deaf or orthopedically handicapped Students.

(e) Scholarship to students from Non-Hindi speaking state for degree class students.

(f) Residential and Non-Residential State Scholarships for students belonging to backward and most backward communities. The annual income of their parents or guardian should not exceed R. 1,00,000/- and the students should have secured on the aggregate 40% marks and above in the annual examination held prior to the academic year for which the scholarship is applied.

 (g) Residential and Non-Residential State Scholarships for student belonging to SC, ST or those converted from Hinduism Christianity. They should be natives of Tamil Nadu or domicile therein.

(h) Scholarship for the children of political sufferers. The annual income of their parents should not exceed Rs.6000/-

(i) Tamil Nadu Harijan Welfare (loan) scholarship for residential S.C. and S.T. students.

(j) Pondicherry state Post-Matric Scholarship for students who had their school education in Pondicherry State.

(k) Scholarship for students of Anglo - Indian Community studying in Degree Classes.

 (l) Scholarship for physically handicapped students who are native of Tamil Nadu and whose parents income does not exceed Rs. 12,000/- per annum.

STUDENTS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR ONLY ONE OF THE ABOVE SCHOLARSHIPS All Scholarships and concessions are liable to forfeiture for regularity in attendance, unsatisfactory progress in studies and for discipline.