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Khadir Mohideen College was established in 1955, and celebrated the Golden Jubilee in 2005. The College was established with a mission to provide cost-effective good quality higher education catering to the educational needs of the Muslim minority and other socially and economically disadvantaged members of society including fisher folk.The College aims at inculcating religious and moral values in the students and imparts training so as to have an all-round development of their personality.

The College offers undergraduate, postgraduate and research courses in various subjects. The College is recognized by the Government of Tamil Nadu and the UGC. The UGCs recognition under 2f and 12B was obtained in 1972. The College also offers self-financing courses. The College is located in in the "East Cost National High Way of Sethu Samuthira Thittam" in Adirampattinam,Thanjavur District,Tamil Nadu, India rural area and is spread over about 17 acres. It is a minority Institution affiliated to the Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli and Nationally Accredited with B++ Grade By NAAC.

When the founder of the College late Haji, Janab S.M.S Shaik Jalaludeen noticed the phenomenal growth of Khadir Mohideen High School which he started on 25-06-1949,he felt the need for establishing a centre for higher studies to the youth of this economically and sociall downtrodden people of this area.The College was started on 05-07-1955 by late Haji.Janab.S.M.S Shaik Jalaludeen under the wakf known as 'M.K.N Mathurasa'. The establishment of our College is a yeoman service rendered by our 'Kalvi Thanthai'late Haji, Janab S.M.S.Shaik Jalaludeen in the cause of higher education for the people of this area of whom the majority are Muslims. His tenure of office as Secretary and Correspondent of the Educational institutions(Salahiya Arabic College,Khadir Mohideen College,Khadir Mohideen Higher Secondary School for Boys,Khadir Mohideen Secondary School for Girls,Adirampattinam) has been inscribled in golden letters in the field of education.

Khadir Mohideen College has been an oasis in the desert of educational backwardness and in the wilderness of economic insecurity and abject poverty experienced and suffered by the masses. Khadir Mohideen College has offered asylum to job seekers and has made the educated jobless feel secure and contented with permanent employment and income. Guided and inspired by the secular and democratic credentials of the founding fathers, this citadel of learning has advocated, pursued and practiced the lofty ideals of co-existence symbolizing and signifying religious and social harmony. Khadir Mohideen College has indeed been the Mecca of learning and advancement to hundreds of aspiring youngsters hailing from poor economic background as it has risen to be a research oriented college by offering an enviable variety of viable and valid graduate programs in two streams with the strength of 1769 students.

The College was upgraded as a Post Graduate Institution in 1985.After the sad demise of S.M.S.Shaik Jalaludeen on 2-10-1986, his eldest son Haji Janab S.Mohamed Mohideen became the Secretary and Correspondent of the College and continued the unfinished work of his father with full enthusiasm. During his period, most of the P.G. Courses were introduced in the college.Haji.A.M.Shamsudeen B.A., was the Secretary and Correspondent of the College from September 1992 to 24-09-2001 and rendered good educational services.Janab.Dr.S. Mohamed Aslam has assumed charge as Secretary and Correspondent of the Educational Institutions from 01.04.2005 to 21.09.2012.  He introduced most of the new courses during his period.Haji.K.S Sharfudeen was the Secretary and Correspondent of the Educational Institutions from 22.09.2012 to 05.03.2013.The Hon’ble High Court of Madras(Madurai Bench) appointed Justice K.Sampath as the Administrator for M.K.N Mathurasa Trust and its Educational Institutions from 06.03.2013 and he continued up to 06.12.2016. The Hon’ble High Court of Madras(Madurai Bench) appointed Justice M.Thanikachalam as the Administrator for M.K.N Mathurasa Trust and its Educational Institutions from 07.02.2017 and he continued upto 15.06.2017.Janab S.J.Abul Hassan took charge as Secretary and Correspondent of M.K.N Mathurasa and its Educational Institutions from 15.06.2017. NAAC has reaccredited our college with “B” Grade. Our college is affiliated to Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli.

1. Haji S. M. S. Shaik Jalaludeen05.07.1955 to 01.10.1986
2. Janab A. M. Mohamed Ibrahlm03.10.1986 to 11.11.1986
3. Haji. S. Mohamed Mohideen 12.11.1986 to 30.11.1992
4. Haji. A. M. Shamsudeen B.A., 01.12.1992 to 24.09.2001
5. Janab M. Ahamed Ibrahlm 25.09.2001 to 30.07.2002
6. Justice Janab A. Abdul Hadi (Receiver)04.08.2002 to 31.03.2005
7. Janab.Dr. S. Mohamed Aslam 01.04.2005 to 21.09.2012
8. Haji.K.S.Sharfudeen 22.09.2012 to 05.03.2013
9. Justice K.Sampath(Administrator) 06.03.2013 to 06.12.2016
10.Justice.M.Thanikachalam(Administrator) 07.02.2017 to 15.06.2017
11.Janab.S.J.Abul HassanFrom 15.06.2017 onwards
1. Prof. V. Srinivasan 10.07.1955 to 06.01.1957
2. Janab S. Abdul Rawoof07.01.1957 to 29.06.1957
3. Prof. T. Dhanakoty30.06.1957 to 31.03.1964
4. Prof. K. Abdul Gafoor 20.06.1964 to 11.07.1967
5. Prof. V. Sundaresan 18.07.1967 to 22.04.1968
6. Prof. P. S. Ramachandran Principal (i/c)01.06.1968 to 17.06.1969
7. Prof. Fazulullah18.06.1969 to 24.10.1970
8. Prof. G. Selvaganapathy 27.10.1970 to 28.06.1976
9. Dr. M. Abdul Kareem 29.06.1976 to 03 .07.1979
10. Prof A. M. Sheriff 05.07.1979 to 04.07. 1981
11. Mr. A. James Danaraj Principal(i/c)05.07.1981 to 31.01.1983
12. Prof. N. Mohamed Hassan Principal(i/c)01.02.1983 to 30.06.1984
13. Prof. M. Abdul Kareem01.07.1984 to 19.09.1985
14. Prof. K. E. N. Nalla Mohamed20.09.1985 to 02.01.1991
15. Prof. M. Abdul Kareem03.01.1991 to 13.07.1992
16. Prof. K. E. N. Nalla Mohamed 14.07.1992 to 26.11.1992
17. Prof. N. Mohamed Hassan 27.11.1992 to 31.05.1995
18. Prof. M. A. Mohamed Abdul Khadir01.06.1995 to 31.05.2000
19. Prof. M. Dhulkarunain 01.06.2000 to 18.12. 2001
20. Dr. K. E. N. Nalla Mohamed19.12.2001 to 31.05.2007
21. Dr. A. Mohamed Abdul Khader01.06.2007 to 25.11.2012
22 .Dr.A.Jalal26.11.2012 to 31.05.2016
23 .Dr.A.M Uduman Mohideen01.06.2016 to 09.07.2017
24.Dr. A. Mohamed MohideenFrom 10.07.2017 onwards
24.Dr. A. Mohamed MohideenFrom 10.07.2017 onwards